May 15, 2015

Drug Free Work Places Really The Minority?

In a fast pace society, companies today know that time is money. The more time it takes to pre-screen, conduct background checks, hire, train, terminate, etc. – the more money. Money is not only monetary in terms of dollars out the door, but also the loss of precious productivity profit. So, should some checks be skipped? Is it really necessary to conduct drug testing?
August 25, 2014

CO, WA: Legalized Marijuana, Not So Legal

In light of the legalization of marijuana in Colorado and Washington, companies are navigating uncharted waters to determine their drug testing protocol for employment screenings. The popular misconception is that since smoking marijuana is legal now, anyone can do it. It is now accepted, but the cold reality is employers are increasing their testing for illegal drugs and exercising their rights as employers to require their employees be drug free.
June 18, 2014

Drug Test Policy Compliant? Review Board