Employment Background Checks

HR ProFile, established in 1991, is America's preeminent employment screening firm. Both our multi-county court criminal and single county court criminal checks are the most thorough, up to date, FCRA-compliant employment checks available, housed at the county court originating source. For the over 4,300 county courts in the United States, we cover them all directly, everyday, for both Felony and Misdemeanor criminal records in upper and lower courts. We average 86% completed in 48 hours or less. Most of these courts are NOT available on-line and are manually covered.

The biggest issue in our industry is achieving a perceived value of Criminal background Checks. Most employers and CRAs do not measure the times that a criminal search yields any valuable or job deniable information. At HR ProFile, we have taken data compiled from 25 years of experience in this industry and created a matrix of comparable percentages to help you understand the value of a given criminal check. The data used in this matrix is nationwide and across all industries. We call this the Hit Ratio or the number of hits found that would be potentially deniable information. While your Hit ratio may vary from these averages, what is important is the relationship between the types of checks.

Multi County Court Criminal Check 25% Hit Ratio

Our Multi County Criminal Employment Background Checks developed by HRP in 1992, are not limited to a specific state; we check upper and lower courts in any county seat in the United States. Our check includes: a Name, Address, Social Security Number verification, and a national search for previous residence to discover any addresses not mentioned in the application. Up to three counties are researched based on State or Counties of residence. Additional counties may be searched upon request. Our Multi County Criminal Check is a seven year Felony and Misdemeanor search.

Single County Court Criminal Check 12% Hit ratio

Our single county court criminal check includes: a Name, Address, Social Security Number verification, and a national search for previous residence to discover any addresses not mentioned in the application. Includes a search of court records for the county of residence and additional counties as required. Our Single County Criminal employment background check report is a seven year Felony and Misdemeanor search.

Statewide Criminal Record Check

This is another of the misunderstood and incorrectly sold background check items in our industry. Regulated industries require a Statewide criminal checks from the Official State Repository, using the proper forms and payments. Non-regulated industries have other options. We can help explain and implement the correct search for your company.

National Criminal Records Locator 7% Hit Ratio

Our search through the largest criminal record locator database will comb through over 550 million records to gather information from all 50 states. We will research and validate any/all information we receive from the record locator database. If any information is found in a search of this database, A disclaimer “ANY INFORMATION FOUND WILL BE REPORTED AT THE COUNTY LEVEL” is inserted, and the respective County court is searched and results reported within the FCRA-compliant County report. If an applicant has something in his or her background, we are dedicated to finding it before you extend a job offer. Felony convictions, registered sex offenders and Misdemeanor convictions will not fly under our radar.

Federal District Court Criminal Check

Includes a search of federal court records in any one or more of the over 90 Federal district courts in America to reveal convictions for crimes against the government, violations of federal laws, or crimes committed on government property.

Moving Violation Report (MVR)

The MVR is a statewide search of the candidate’s driving history records as maintained by the State DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles). The MVR includes convictions for traffic related infractions, including traffic tickets, DUI, etc. The MVR can also include Felony and Misdemeanor or convictions for more serious crimes where a vehicle was involved.

FBI Criminal Records Check

Employment Screening services can include a search of the national FBI records. FBI Checks are limited to industries that are authorized to receive FBI checks.

Employment Drug Testing

Nationwide full service employment drug testing provider of DOT (Department of Transportation) compliant collection, testing, and MRO (Medical Review Officer) occupational drug testing services. The most common is a urine specimen collection, lab-based drug test, and review by our Medical Review Officer for temperature, dilutants, creatinine, and adulterants. We also implement, manage, and provide Random Drug Testing Programs. Read More...

Civil County Court Records

Specific civil court records available in all states. Our report details information on plaintiff, defendant, case number, case title, file and disposition dates, tort or ordinance contested, verifiers, and findings.

Employment History Verification

A complete employment background check should include an employment history verification. Are you tired of the hassles associated with former employer verifications...Phone tag, incomplete records, unable to verify, no return phone calls and so on? Our employment history verifications include a verification of employment history with previous employers. HR ProFile Employment Screening applies pre-designed questions with particular focus on violent behavior, threats, substance abuse, theft, work ethics, attendance, and attitude toward superiors and co-workers. We deliver a higher percentage of completed work, making multiple attempts to complete the report. Our employment verifications include a verification of employment work history. We verify your applicants previous employment Nationally and Internationally.

Employment Credit Report Summarized

Simple, easy to read and understand, our FCRA-compliant Employment Credit History report is uniquely designed in-house and reformatted into an easy to read summary style, showing open accounts, positive and negative accounts, charge off accounts, and total owed. Exit Interview and Post Screening Services Obtain detailed, informative data to identify opportunities for improvement in your corporate culture. HR ProFile will customize the exit interview to meet your needs. We will make information available to you on the web and continue to work hard to help you keep the most valuable resources you have, your Human Capital.

Violent Sex Offender Search (official)

VSOS, a statewide or national search of the Violent Sex Offender Registry to determine if the applicant is required to register their current address due to a conviction for a sex related crime.

Education Verification

An education verification consists of a verification of the highest degree earned or education earned at the High School or College level. We verify education Nationally and Internationally.

Workers' Compensation History

Post-offer use only, a report of "allowed" lost time claim injuries history.

E-Verify & I-9 Verification

We confirm the employment eligibility of all newly hired employees following completion of the Employment Eligibility Verification Form (I-9). Must be completed within 3 days of hire.

FCRA Adverse Action

When derogatory information contained in an employment background check influences your hiring decision, Adverse Action procedures must be followed. HR ProFile can help you with every step in the process with an easy to use Adverse Action Tool Kit. This Adverse Action tool kit includes: Pre-Adverse Action notification to allow the applicant to explain themselves, and then the Adverse Action letter. These letters can be automatically generated and sent to the applicant by HR ProFile.

Professional License Check

Verification of valid professional license (i.e. CPA, RN, PE, etc.). Includes sanctions or violations, as provided by the licensing agency.

Federal Exclusions

A search of national and global watch lists and exclusion lists maintained by various governmental agencies. May include the Office of Inspector General (OIG) and the General Services Administration (GSA) database, and/or the U.S. Treasury Terrorist List of individuals and corporate entities in federal violation or barred from government contracts.

Personnel Assessment Testing

An in-depth behavioral assessment and predictor for hourly and managerial personnel. Assessment services help you uncover accurate, objective information about the true core behaviors of your applicants to help narrow the field faster and more accurately. Assessment testing will help you grow your business with highly performing employees identified through assessment tools. Read More...

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