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Custom Integration for 1 click background check ordering. Improve your HR process to a modern, simple and efficient system...
HR ProFile Employment Screening has several options available to integrate with your HRIS, your Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), or Payroll Systems. We can provide you with a pre-qualifying front end to your Applicant Tracking System, reducing the number of applicants tracked and maintained, leaving only the most desirable applicants.

HR ProFile maintains its own IT and programming staff for delivering server-to-server solutions, involving integrations with Applicant Tracking Systems and HRIS solutions, but also including proprietary system customizations, as per the specifications of our Clients. The various formats include secure file transfers through the use of GNU Privacy Guard public-key encryption (PGP compatible), with 256-bit AES, or more sophisticated transfer methods and encryptions. Files can be csv, fixed-width, xml, or proprietary formats. Some integrations are a real-time embedded solution (inside an ATS for example), while others are batch files.

HR ProFile’s Director of Information Systems will work closely with your Human Resource, Risk Management and Information Technology team members to discover time saving solutions and other efficiencies to help streamline your hiring process.

By way of example, HR ProFile has created a solution for Clients who want to manage their E-Verify processes. HR ProFile designed and built a solution (available only through HR ProFile) that seamlessly integrates the initiation of an E-Verify request and its subsequent results into the Client’s Document Management System, all through secure file transfers. This exclusive solution makes it possible for a four-person team to manage a hiring base of 27,000 employees annually.

How many hours could our solutions save you?

We look forward to talking with your HR team to see what customized solutions we can provide for a faster, more efficient hiring process, and improved overall applicant experience.

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HR ProFile is currently integrated with the following Applicant Tracking Systems. We are constantly adding to this list, so if you have an interest in integrating with HR ProFile, please contact us today!