Personnel Assessment

Why should you consider assessment testing with Personnel Profiles?

You should consider personnel assessment testing because your company does not have the time or resources to waste on mistakes in hiring and promotions.
  • What's the cost of wasted training?
  • Of mistakes made months down the road?
  • Of having to go through the hiring or promotion process yet again after someone “just doesn't work out"?
Applicants tell you what they think you want to hear. Personnel Profiles assessment services helps you uncover accurate, objective information about the true core behaviors of your applicants to help narrow the field faster and more accurately. Personnel Profiles will help you grow your business with highly performing employees identified through assessment tools.

These tools include:

Mental and Personality assessments to help identify Mental Attributes and the true core behaviors of an applicant. A variety of skills based assessments to measure if the applicant has the necessary hard skills to perform the job. Their clients have found that the use of Personnel Profiles assessments have dramatically lowered the costs of recruiting, enhanced the quality of applicants, reduced turnover, and increased employee productivity. Personnel Profile's services are not a substitute for the judgment of an employer, nor are they a substitute for a thorough background check and/or drug test from HR ProFile employment screening. Their assessments provide objective information that significantly enhances an employer’s success in selecting the right person. Using HR ProFile’s services in combination with Personnel Profiles, will help you make your final decisions with confidence, knowing all critical issues have been addressed. HR ProFile is proud to partner with and introduce Personnel Profiles, Inc.’s industry-leading Assessment Testing products and services. Personnel Profiles offers a wide variety of assessments for any industry regardless of how large or small the employer. Personnel Profiles has been providing assessments to employers of all sizes for more than 24 years. Visit HR ProFile's Partner Page

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