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May 28, 2014
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June 18, 2014

$300 Background Check?!

Background checks are like burglar alarms. You don’t think you need one, don’t want that extra expense, until someone breaks in. Then you wish you would have had one!

No background checks for the town advisory board in Palm Beach Florida, Sure it’s unnecessary because the board asks if the appointee has ever been convicted, there’s a box on their application, and criminals don’t lie! Right? They’re not going to want background checks until they appoint someone with a felony for theft who robs them blind, hurts the community, the reputation of the board.

That being said- $300 for a background check is RIDICULOUS!!! What are they doing? Searching all 4,337 county courts? A background check could include a county criminal search of where the person has lived in the last 7 years ($30 up to 3 counties), a federal district court search in the states where they have lived in the last 7 years($10, per state), a Violent Sex Offender Search in every state the applicant has lived ($3), and a Federal Exclusions search- OIG,GSA, & OFAC ($4.50), All of those checks would cost you less than $50! Is the board using the rest of that money for fundraising?! They could also be doing state-wide criminal records check ($10+$8 Florida State Fee), Credit History ($10), Moving Violation Report ($7.50+ 3 year $8.02, 7 year $10.02 Florida State Fee) Adding all of those in, with the 7 year MVR report would be $93.02. Less than $95 dollars. Where are they searching that the check costs $300?

If you’re serious about background checks- use the industry leader- HR ProFile. 25 years in business, millions of background checks performed within every industry, and a flawless record of no legal claims or compliance issues. 800-969-4300, or e-mail sales@hrprofile.com

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