HR ProFile Pre-Employment Screening, Background Checks and Drug Testing

Today’s legal and business environments demand that employers make compliant, smart and informed hiring decisions. Not only is it important to recruit and hire skilled workers who strengthen their employers’ market presence, but it is equally important that those workers do not become a liability.

That is why since 1991, HR ProFile has provided timely, accurate and cost-effective pre-employment screenings, background checks and drug testing to large and small businesses throughout the country.

As America’s preeminent employment screening firm, we continue to grow while remaining laser focused on delivering quality results and optimal customer care to HR professionals who outsource their background screening process.

HR ProFile is your one-stop solution for:

Whether you have a small business, a midsized organization or a Fortune 500 corporation, HR ProFile offers comprehensive background check services.

As we continue to exceed industry standards for turnaround time and precision accuracy, we do so without compromising what it takes for thorough screenings and drug tests. We help you manage your company’s risk with innovative solutions.

Background Checks

Although most businesses have high standards, some also face the challenging effect of limited resources. Furthermore, they often need to make quick hiring decisions even when applicants and employees add to business security and risk.

Performing thorough background checks can effectively uncover potential issues that could have a negative impact to your business.

Most people are unaware that all background checks are not the same. The type of screening determines the results you receive. Equally important is conducting the wrong check can led to missed results and ill-informed hiring decisions.

You never have to worry about such gross errors with HR ProFile. We are the Right Company with the Right Check

Employment Verification

In addition to making sure your new candidate does not harm your company’s reputation, we can also verify past employment information. We check employment records for dates, positions, work place violence, reasons for leaving and whether your applicant is eligible for rehire with previous employers.

This employment verification process confirms information your applicant provided within his or her application and resume. We go beyond generalized inquiries to include pre-designed questions to uncover past criminal and work ethic behaviors. Multiple attempts are made to give you complete employment records on the person you want to bring into your company.

Criminal Background Search

The FCRA (Federal Law) requires using the most fresh and complete available information when compiling a background check report. Nothing less. HR ProFile provides the most legally compliant, complete, and freshest criminal records available on a daily basis, direct from Official County, State, and Federal Clerk of Courts primary sources.

HR ProFile provides criminal background searches from these county, state and federal official primary sources without using randomly collected or stored data. County searches for criminal background screenings include multiple states. We also conduct a nationwide background check to make sure results are as thorough as possible. So often, one level of a criminal background search reveals very little.  Over the years, HRP has found that 87% of Convictions found...are in counties/addresses other than the current address.

Criminal reports help to protect you from negligent hiring and discrimination claims. The information we collect can also help to reduce theft, disruptions and threats of violence in the workplace based on uncovering historical patterns.

Reported information from each court level usually includes the date and nature of the offense, the sentencing date, disposition of charges and the current status. Our screening services maintains strict guidelines for compliance, timeliness, accuracy and thoroughness.

Federal Background Check

Our federal background check of criminal records uncovers crime case information from the 94 Federal District Courts during a national background check. Each search we perform may reveal federal criminal offenses including but not limited to charges and/or convictions involving:

• Counterfeiting
• Drug trafficking
• Embezzlement
• Fraud
• Illegal firearms sales
• Kidnapping
• Pornographic exploitation of children
• Robbery
• Tax evasion
• White collar crimes

These reports are critical to protecting you from hiring the wrong person even if they have the right credentials.

National Background Check

HR ProFile will search and validate any/all information we receive from the nationwide background check database. If any information is found in a search of this database, A disclaimer “ANY INFORMATION FOUND WILL BE REPORTED AT THE COUNTY LEVEL.” is inserted and the respective County is searched and results reported within the County report. We use the largest criminal database and comb over 600 million records to gather information from all 50 states.

If an applicant has something in his or her background, we are dedicated to finding it before you extend a job offer. Felony convictions, registered sex offenders and misdemeanor convictions will not fly under our radar.

Background Screening Process

Our background screening researches each applicant who applies for a job with your company. Whether minor or extensive, some companies prefer periodic screenings to maintain certain things like continuing education, certifications or security clearances. Others simply expect it before they hire someone to work for the company.

Basically, a candidate signs a written authorization that gives the company’s pre-screening representative permission to search the candidate’s background. The level of the screening process depends on what you wish to accomplish or risk you wish to mitigate. The type of position for which the candidate has applied, may also affect how much we investigate.

Results You Can Trust

The size of your company does not change your need to be legally compliant or your desire to hire the best possible talent available. People who are free of unscrupulous backgrounds will bring more to the culture and business of your company.

Likewise, HR ProFile is committed to being focused on up-to-date legal compliance and your requirements in providing background check services. With our in-house Attorney Chief Compliance Officer and our quality, efficiency and speed, you can trust HR ProFile to present an intelligent and compliant approach to your applicant screening process. Based on the information we provide, you will soon be able to make more confident employment decisions.

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