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Are You Hiring Criminals by Mistake? Many companies are hiring employees with criminal history because their current employment screening company is MISSING information that is causing increased turnover and costs associated with this turnover. It's time to stop the cycle! It's time to let us help you hire the best employees possible!

Here's How We Can Help

  • The purpose of the trial is to verify that your current background check provider is not missing criminal information.
      • We will conduct background checks (for FREE) on a sample set of former employee(s) your company has terminated for cause.
      • Because these are former employees who have been terminated for cause & NO employment decision is being made, their consent is not required, regardless of why they were voluntarily/involuntarily terminated. Consent/authorization is needed only to make an employment decision.
      • These searches will be performed at our expense and your company has no financial obligation!
  • The trial is completely legal.
      • Your company is not using this information for the purpose of making employment decisions.
      • These searches are public record and public information so again there is no risk nor are there any legal requirements.

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