FCRA: Are YOUR Employment Screening and Background Checks FAIR for your Applicants?

Join John Robinson, HR ProFile’s Compliance Officer, for A FREE Human Resource Webinar, Wednesday, May 20th 2015 at 2pm EST to Find Out. Learn the benefits and business impact of a successful Employment Screening process. Earn 1 HRCI Credit.

What do Whole foods, Dollar General, Kmart, & Walt Disney have in common? They have all violated federal guidelines when it comes to hiring. These guidelines apply to your company- whether you are familiar with the laws or not. Kmart’s settlement was $3M, Dollar General settled for $4M. Can your budget withstand a lawsuit from applicants as a result of uninformed hiring? Employers do not want to run the risk of negligent hiring. The guidelines set forth by the FCRA apply to all companies- big and small. This presentation will help you understand the basics regarding the FCRA and how it applies to your organization.

Key TakeAways from this webinar include:

  • What is the FCRA? Why do Employers need to follow it?
  • What companies have done incorrectly- why they were sued.
  • Employers Best Practices/Action Steps to Avoid FCRA Lawsuits.

Webinar Speaker Bio: John Robinson, Compliance Officer, HR ProFile Employment Screening As HR ProFile’s Compliance Officer, John works to ensure that HRP is following all FCRA, EEOC, ADA and FTC guidelines. He brings experience from law enforcement, asset protection, and compliance. John is well versed in the current regulations and congressional movements surrounding these federal requirements. John graduated Cum Laude with a A.A.S. & B.S. in Criminal Justice from the University of Cincinnati.

Speaker Contact Information:

Phone: 513-388-4300 Email: jrobinson@hrprofile.com

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