How We Differ

"Be recognized as the nation's pre-eminent employment screening firm"

What sets us apart is HR ProFile's long-standing work ethic, commitment to customer success, and consideration toward our products and clients.

We conduct our business based on the following beliefs:

  • Good quality, value, and turnaround time should be expectations, not value-added services.
  • Employment screening services should be appropriate and cost-effective. One size does not fit all.
  • Every step of the difficult process of employment screening should be made simple for our clients.
  • The truth should be revealed by the background check process, and not be dependent on the information provided by the applicant.

Through communication and sensitivity, our employment screening and drug testing efforts should enhance the success of our clients and clients' contacts. Dedication and adherence to great customer care practices does not happen by accident. The ordering of requests and delivery of results should be simple and conform to the needs of the clients, be it new or old technologies, or no technologies at all.

HR ProFile is a full-service employment screening and drug testing firm, and provides these additional services:

  1. We offer, free of charge, the handling of disputed information on consumer reports, as an extension to your FCRA compliance program. It is our practice to treat the applicant/employee as we would treat our clients. Instead of our clients having to deal with potentially irate applicants, the client can have the applicant call our 800 number, and we will walk them through the steps necessary to resolve any disputes.

  2. We offer free of charge, the use of our in-house programming staff to customize our process to your specifications. Our staff is at the clients' disposal to consult and develop integration tools and other automated efficiencies appropriate to our business partnership. HR ProFile clients enjoy the benefits of downloading search results directly into their applicant tracking or HRIS systems. In most cases, there is no charge for the installation, training, use, and maintenance of our software solutions.

  3. We offer free of charge, the benefit of our legal research network to provide information as related to legal issues in our industry, as well as offering potential solutions for a vast array of legal situations. Our network monitors activity in state and federal employment laws and regulations, helping our clients stay up to date on FCRA, EEOC, and ADA change & our confidence in our products and services being superior is manifested in our offer of a free trial search. Contact us to explore how we can be of help on your path to continued business success!

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