Getting Started

Getting started using HR ProFile’s services is easy!

Simply call 800-969-4300 and speak with one of our Account Representatives, who will inquire into your exact needs, and then forward you a “Welcome Aboard!” information package. This package will contain all the documents and information needed to initiate a compliant background screening program, including (free of charge) a Pre-Employment ProFile Form (a release form) and an (FCRA required) Important Disclosure Form. HR ProFile’s belief is that the ordering of requests and delivery of results should be simple and conform to the needs of the clients, be it new or old technologies, or no technologies at all!

The single-page HRP Pre-Employment Profile Form is the only document needed to request our County Criminal Checks, Statewide Criminal Checks, Federal District Criminal Checks, Moving Violation Reports, Workers’ Compensation Histories, Education Verifications, Summarized Credit History Reports, and Professional License Verifications. Only when an Employment History Check and/or Business/Personal Reference Check is requested does the client need to forward any additional paperwork to HRP.

Some of HRP’s clients choose to use their own pre-employment forms and application, but preferably incorporate the language found on HRP’s forms. For our employment screening clients, we do not usually require term contracts or long-term commitments. All we require is a signed Service Agreement (except when Credit History is requested, which requires a special service agreement).


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