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HR ProFile, Inc. is an international company providing Human Resource and Security professionals with quality, accurate and innovative employee screening solutions since 1991.  Some of the leading edge solutions most commonly requested by our clients are:

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HR ProFile, an employment screening company, believes that accurate and quality employment screening, background checks and drug testing solutions are very important in a time like this.  While everyone is scrambling to save money, it is difficult sometimes to remember why you started an employment screening program in the first place. It has become more difficult for Human Resource and Security professionals to recruit the best talent, stay ahead of regulations, and manage a hectic workload. We remember ... [read more ]

HR ProFile Pre-Employment Screening, Background Checks and Drug Testing

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When HR ProFile was first conceived, it was with a crystal clear mission of becoming America’s pre-eminent Employment Screening Firm, providing background checks and drug testing as a service to Human Resource professionals who need to outsource employee screening. To that end, we have grown and intensified our efforts, never losing focus of quality or customer care while developing uncomplicated & reliable systems. We have continued to exceed industry standards, pushing the envelope for accuracy and turnaround time - never compromising our belief or knowledge of what constitutes thorough background checks or comprehensive drug testing profiles.

We understand the commitment it takes on your part to select the right Employment Screening and Drug Testing Firm. Don’t get caught up in the legalese and corporate rhetoric from some companies. We take a no-nonsense approach to accuracy, quality, and successful partnerships. We focus on the facts and only the facts. That’s why we find 30-60% more information than any of our competitors.

One-Stop Solution, one point of contact for your Background Checks, Drug Testing, and Personality Assessments.

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