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HR ProFile Pre-Employment Screening,
Background Checks and Drug Testing

When HR ProFile was first conceived, it was with a crystal clear mission of becoming America’s pre-eminent Employment Screening Firm, providing background checks and drug testing as a service to Human Resource professionals who need to outsource employee screening. To that end, we have grown and intensified our efforts, never losing focus of quality or customer care while developing uncomplicated & reliable systems. 

We have continued to exceed industry standards, pushing the envelope for accuracy and turnaround time - never compromising our belief or knowledge of what constitutes thorough background checks or comprehensive drug testing ProFiles. We understand the commitment it takes on your part to select the right Employment Screening and Drug Testing Firm. Don’t get caught up in the legalese and corporate rhetoric from some companies.

We take a no-nonsense approach to accuracy, quality, and successful partnerships. We focus on the facts and only the facts. That’s why we find 30-60% more information than any of our competitors. One-Stop Solution, one point of contact for your Background Checks, Drug Testing, and Personality Assessments.

Not All Background Checks Are the Same

Did you know that not all Background Checks are the same? This short video clip educates the public and HR professionals about Background Checks, Criminal Checks, and the importance of Employment Screening.Not all checks are
Not All Background Checks Are the Same   the same and different checks can return different results. More importantly, the wrong check can miss
information that can put companies at risk for compliance issues and lawsuits. Get the Facts and Do the Right Check, with The Right Company!


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I called HR ProFile, on June 18, 2014 to order more chain of custody forms. I had the best experience I believe have ever had with a customer service representative anywhere. That day I spoke to Jane McFadden. She was so pleasant and attentive. I really appreciated her kindness and helpfulness. After we finished the conversation, she sent a follow up email to let me know that the forms had been ordered and would be arriving soon. She is a true professional and it’s clear that she enjoys her job because of the care she takes with her customers. It was a very enjoyable experience. Thanks Jane—you’re awesome.

Nicole Ellison HR Manager | MetCut Research
"Thanks again for your observations and kind words.  It is great to work at a company such as ours that is continuing to grow in various and different ways.  And is it nice to have a vendor such as HR ProFile to assist us in making sure we are hiring the right kind of people.  We have thrown some challenges at HR ProFile over the years and thus far nothing has been insurmountable!"

-HR Manager of Prestigious Property Management Company
"It makes me realize that we are more than just another client and that matters a lot to me!"

Monika Collier | Towne Construction
"Your training team and customer service are just the best. They are always there to answer & walk us through any questions we may have."

Jenny Roach | ICON Information Consultants
"As the main user at our company, I can say we are very happy clients. Everyone I have worked with at HR Profile throughout the process has been great. You have a great team in place. Your company has great customer service and wonderful updates and turnaround times. The turn-around times for the reports we request are fantastic."

Tiffany Kurtz | KBBIOENERGY, INC.
"You've reported records our last provider missed. It's not an instant check, be we know it's thorough"

HR Manager | BMW Staffing Supplier
"I want to take the opportunity to give you information about one of your employees that will always keep me using your service.  Your responsiveness has always been good.  Today though I had a tough situation and Liz Hunter who helped me with an urgent verification today was OUTSTANDING.  Nick also answered one of my emails late last night, which I really appreciate.
I would hire her in a minute!  What a keeper.  Make sure she knows this, please."

Lynn Elfers CEO  | Affordable Language Services
"I've been very satisfied with the Quick Turn Around Time. It's really great, just a couple days and we've got the report back. It's not a tedious process, there might be more that are less expensive but it's worth spending a little more for convenience and simplicity in the process"

HR for City Convention Center and Visitors Bureau
"We've been very happy. Pretty seamless transition and you get the results to me pretty fast. It's great! "

Dave Stillson | Cincinnati Heat Exchangers Inc.
"All I can say is WOW! Thank you for all the detail and follow up on this. There is so much helpful information in this for us!"

Senior Human Resources Representative | County Government Administration Offices
"I just wanted to point out how helpful two of your employees were. Todd Shafer and Jane McFadden were extremely helpful in assisting us to verify employment quickly after we had needed to add an additional employer onto a background check. We were up against a very tough deadline with our client, and they worked very hard to get a response from the employer quickly. I sincerely appreciate their hard work and responsiveness, and wanted to pass that information along. Thank you!"

Kristy Bortle | Randstad USA - Staffing and Recruiting
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