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March 3, 2014

Why HR ProFile?

Todd Shafer HRProFile’s Client Services Manager took the initiative to come up with a brief description of why we are the best- over and above the quality of service we provide to our clients.

Why HR ProFile?

We are the professionals, the expert screeners! Here’s his description below!

Employment Screening?

 1.) Local Employment Screening Vendor with National Reach….

We are based in Cincinnati and have over 21 years of experience dealing with local counties and a familiarity with how local courts work. We know how to expedite the process locally and we routinely process county criminal searches in all 50 states and many U.S. territories. There are 3,144 counties or “county-equivalents” throughout the United States and each county processes requests for criminal records differently. There are over 4,300 county courts nationwide. HR ProFile has developed a vast network of “on-site” researchers and search mechanisms to access county criminal information on any person, anywhere in the country as quickly as each county will allow. We can also conduct statewide searches where allowed and we search for federal criminal records as well. We provide Credit Histories, Workers’ Comp. Histories, Moving Violations Reports, Sex Offender Registry Searches, Education Verifications, Employment Verifications, Drug Testing and just about any other screening service or verification service you might need.

2.) Customized Client Solutions –

Jjust as with each county, each client requires a customized approach as to how they want to place orders with HR ProFile and how they want those orders reported. Some clients prefer faxing, others prefer on-line solutions, some want to e-mail their orders to us and others prefer to submit orders through their applicant tracking system. Some clients need service packages set up and other prefer ordering services a la carte and still others, want a combination of those two options. Many clients have special instructions as to how they want education verifications and employment verifications processed, etc. No two clients want everything exactly alike and we realize the “cookie-cutter” approach to a customer’s unique requirements will not work.

3.) Boutique Style Client Service –

No “trouble tickets” are used at HR ProFile, just an immediate hands-on approach to any and all customer issues that come our way. We typically answer a question or satisfy a customer request within 3 minutes of taking the call. There are no voice mail mailboxes used with HR ProFile Client Services, either. You always get to speak with an actual person when you call between the hours of 7:30am to 9pm EST on weekdays.

4.) An organization dedicated to speedy turnaround times and accuracy –

We realize that most of our clients already wish to know the results of the background check when they place the order with us so we do everything possible to get that information to them as quickly as we can, while maintaining our own demanding standards for accuracy and thoroughness. HR ProFile is a pioneer in the employment screening industry and as such, we developed search techniques to ensure quick turnarounds that many of our competitors have copied over the years. We have taken the average turnaround time for a county criminal check from two weeks when we first started in 1991 to 1 to 3 days in 2013 and we continue to search for ways to shave turnaround time without sacrificing quality.

Call Todd Shafer at HR ProFile today and experience the difference for yourself!


I hope you now have a better understanding of why we consider ourselves the BEST in the Biz. You’re going to get a much different experience using us, than with any other service you look into- AND you’ll always get what you pay for!


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