Frequently Asked Questions

Where is your company headquartered?

HR ProFile is headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio on a five-acre complex owned by the Company.

Is your company privately held? If a subsidiary, what is the name and location of your parent company?

HR ProFile is now and has been a privately held corporation since its inception in 1991. HR ProFile is a self-governed firm and not a subsidiary of any other corporation or enterprise.

How long has your company been providing background checks?

HR ProFile was founded in 1991 on the premise that:

•It would start by exclusively providing criminal background checks
•It would deliver results in less than five days (unheard of at the time).
•It is believed to be the first company in the country to achieve both, servicing accounts nationwide.

Although its services have expanded to include other pre-employment products, HR ProFile still maintains criminal background checks as 85% of its revenue base.

How are your company’s services typically being used by your customers?

HR ProFile offers a broad range of services, but the services typically chosen by our customers are:

•Multi-County Criminal Check (includes the SSN Verification)
•State Repository Criminal Check
•Employment History
•Education Verification
•Credit History (Employment-style report)
•Moving Violation Report (MVR)
•Workers’ Compensation History
•Professional License Verification
•Federal Exclusion Searches

At the most basic level, the first task our clients want to achieve is to ward off applicants that shy away from employers who perform background checks. Second, our clients want to verify the information entered on an application. If HR ProFile’s results reveal any discrepancies or missing data, the applicant can automatically be disqualified.

The end result is a thorough and consistent hiring policy, which in turn, leads to an avoidance of having to defend against costly discrimination and wrongful discharge lawsuits, negligent hiring and negligent retention lawsuits brought by third parties, and bad publicity concerns. Although several of the tasks that HR ProFile performs can be performed within the client’s own operations, HR ProFile offers not just greater efficiencies in performing these tasks, which leads to reduced cost to the client, but also provides value-added services:

HR ProFile offers to its clients, free of charge, the handling of disputed reports as relates to criminal records, SSN verifications, credit histories, etc. This vital piece of the FCRA needs to be handled professionally, and it is HR ProFile’s philosophy to treat the potential employee with the same care as we would treat our clients. Instead of the client having to deal with potentially irate applicants, the client can have the applicant call HR ProFile on our 800 phone number, and we will walk the applicant through the necessary steps to resolve any disputes. HR ProFile provides its clients with a complete FCRA adverse action kit.

HR ProFile offers to its clients, free of charge, the use of our in-house programming staff to consult and develop integration tools and other automated efficiencies appropriate to our partnership with our clients. The client will have our programming staff at their disposal for addressing any technical issues and concerns that may arise.

HR ProFile offers to its clients, free of charge, the use of our legal research network to provide background information as relates to legal issues in our industry, to offer potential solutions for a vast array of legal situations, and to perform the time-consuming legwork of communicating with state and federal agencies to resolve developing issues, just to name a few. Additionally, HR ProFile’s legal staff constantly monitors changes to the FCRA and reviews any legal cases or pending legislation involving the FCRA. This means our clients will be kept up to date on all the FCRA, EEOC, and ADA changes, etc., helping them remain within the guidelines of these laws.

HR ProFile offers to its clients, free of charge, an account representative to handle its questions and concerns promptly and efficiently. Therefore, they will have a HR ProFile account representative at their disposal at any time for any issue that may arise, making sure that their internal processes are not affected by any of these issues.

What type of paperwork or information is required from the client or applicant to perform your services?

Initially, HR ProFile requires a signed Service Agreement between HR ProFile and its client. This agreement does not obligate the client to use HR ProFile’s services (i.e., contracts are not required for HR ProFile’s screening services). Then, HR ProFile provides to its clients (free of charge) a Pre-Employment ProFile Form (a release form) and an (FCRA required) Important Disclosure Form.

NOTE: When the FCRA was last amended in 1997, our firm undertook an extensive notification and training program for our clients. The release and disclosure forms we utilize are well researched and conform to FCRA requirements. Some of HR ProFile’s clients choose to use their own pre-employment forms and application, but oftentimes incorporate the language found on HR ProFile’s forms.

The single-page HR ProFile Pre-Employment ProFile Form is the only document needed to perform our County Criminal Searches, Statewide Repository Checks, Federal District Courts, Moving Violation Reports, Workers’ Compensation Histories, Education Verifications, and Professional License Verifications. Only when an Employment History Check and/or Business/Personal Reference Check is requested does the client need to forward any additional paperwork to HR ProFile.

Can a background check company ensure consistent service regardless of an applicant's city, state, or country of residence?

HR ProFile is an international service provider. HR ProFile has a full time staff of trained and experienced employees to consistently meet our clients' requirements. In addition to our direct researchers, HR ProFile maintains a vast network of contract court runners and paralegals (collectively called HR ProFile "vendors") to perform the physical court searches. HR ProFile maintains other vendor accounts that specialize in many other areas as may be required by our customers.

Domestically, HR ProFile's Quality Assurance Department monitors the performance of searches in all 4337 counties nationwide. Internationally, HR ProFile utilizes its business partner network to accomplish the various types of searches requested.

Why aren't background checks instantaneous?

While much progress has been made in the electronic accessibility of information, most searches still require human involvement. For criminal searches, some companies perform a database search for arrests and convictions. HR ProFile avoids these searches because they are oftentimes not up-to-date, are arrest-only information, and/or are incomplete in their conviction and sentencing information. So while the allure of instantaneous checks is great, HR ProFile will only perform complete, accurate, and up-to-date searches for its clients, and will strive every day to deliver these quality searches as quickly as possible.

Additionally, when performing business reference and employment history checks, the HR ProFile staff is trained to make every attempt to speak directly with supervisors or managers of the applicant. The goal is to obtain more investigative information on the applicant than can be obtained from a third-party information broker. Again, the instant check is instant, but not very useful.

Do all background check firms do direct court retrieval?

No, not all background firms do hand-search court records. HR ProFile considers this a bad practice because each county courthouse system uniquely houses their information. Local court runners are best qualified to understand these quirks and perform a thorough background search.

Are there any additional charges for your services?

Unless flat rates are required, HR ProFile does pass along additional charges incurred in various court jurisdictions. These charges are monitored for accuracy continuously. Whether these mandatory court costs will affect clients' pricing will depend on the counties of residence searched. Occasionally, we run into an educational institution or employer that has contracted a third-party information provider that charges a fee for the verification. HR ProFile makes every effort to avoid these services because they typically do not provide the investigative information we are looking to obtain for our clients.

Some of HR ProFile's clients have special projects as related to criminal conviction histories such as obtaining copies of complaints, etc. HR ProFile will negotiate terms of such services on an as-needed basis.

Do you offer an on-line system for results and reporting? If so, how does it work?

Yes, HR ProFile offers several methods for results and reporting. Originally, HR ProFile developed proprietary software for requests, results, and reporting. HR ProFile still maintains its original product line because it includes modem-based technologies for location without Internet access. The options have now expanded to online and Web-based products. All of our technology solutions are governed by the belief that only the most minimal information needed to perform a background check should be requested from the data entry personnel (one product that we offer only requires two pieces of information to initiate a search!).

Please note: HR ProFile maintains its own programming staff that continuously researches and develops new features and products. The products offered have been developed for enterprise-level corporate needs. Some clients configure their accounts to address risk-management issues surrounding confidentiality of personal information. In these environments, the data entry personnel are not allowed to access requests not entered by them, or to access any of the background check results. A more advanced feature is the ability of Team Managers to perform remote, real-time monitoring of data entry personnel activities within the system.

Another reporting solution for HR ProFile's clients is having results integrate seamlessly with the client's database(s). HR ProFile always is interested in providing solutions that fit our clients' electronic needs.

Can a background check company offer a guaranteed turn-around time for criminal background checks? What type of discount or rebate can be offered for results returned after a guaranteed turn-around time?

While most county court systems are modernizing and achieving 24-48 hour turnaround, some courts are still not able or willing to speed up their results. Some even require the request be mailed to them. The same can be said of some state repositories. These facts and other factors outside our control (holidays, disasters, flooding, destruction of records, difficult to access archives, criminal conviction records in courts slow to produce files, etc.) prevent HR ProFile from guaranteeing the exact turnaround time for all criminal background checks.

However, in the event that slowdown factors are within our control (internal system failures, training issues, vendor relations, etc.), HR ProFile will issue full credit for any subject (unless a criminal record is found) that falls beyond five business days.

How does your company track its performance standards? What types of corrective actions are taken if performance standards are not met?

HR ProFile's Quality Assurance Program was implemented over a decade ago, and it's being constantly modified and improved as our systems evolve and provide us with additional data. The program evaluates internal operations, internal and external systems, and internal and external researchers.

All reports are typed and reviewed by a trained staff member of HR ProFile. The staff is trained to identify errors or incomplete information on a report. Criminal record typists are subjected to a criminal record typing test twice a year. The test measures every example of the various criminal searches performed. Employees are graded, and corrective actions for weaknesses are added to their training schedule.

HR ProFile's Quality Assurance Program tracks reports against HR ProFile standards as they pass through our systems. Reports are generated to identify problem areas. A mandatory staff meeting for all production members is conducted every business day, during which the reports that track the performance of the staff, systems, and researchers are disseminated.

The Quality Assurance Program also measures and tracks the performance of our court researchers. Researchers receive test subjects (with known criminal histories) on a weekly basis. Researchers are then challenged to explain why a detail was missed and how it will be avoided in the future. Researchers receive a written scorecard each week to demonstrate their maintenance of HR ProFile standards. Researchers are re-tested continuously. Additionally, other measures are taken to meet our standards:

Any admissions offered by the applicant are tracked and verified until the record is either found or found to be somewhere other than where the applicant listed or in a year different than what the applicant listed.

•Our firm tracks the 24 to 48 hour turnaround time by daily reports at the staff Team Meeting. •Status reports are forwarded daily to vendors for subjects that are due back that day or are in danger of passing into an overdue status; •Customer service surveys and customer service consultants are utilized to review our customer service and quality programs.

HR ProFile's goal is to maintain the highest standards in the industry and become the world-class provider of services within our industry. Our firm readily imposes our standards on those responsible for their part in our work product. Internally, if performance standards are not met, the corrective actions taken range from remedial training up to and including dismissal from the firm. Externally, we have the ability to cancel any contract with vendors not performing to our standards.

What type of controls does your organization have in place to maintain the confidentiality of all information obtained from your clients?

Upon joining the firm, each employee is required to sign a Confidentiality and Non-Compete Agreement. Additionally, external agents also sign a contractual agreement designed to assure complete confidentiality.

Once an order is entered into the system, the information is tracked only by a cryptic Client ID Account Number. All internal personnel see only this account number in processing data, viewing reports, and delivering results. None of the external agents receive any client ID or other client information. Additionally, each step of the process is segmented, so that detailed information from the client is only seen by the minimum number of individuals needed to process and conduct the search.

Electronic transfer of data along phone or Internet lines utilizes the highest available encryption levels. Other options made available to our clients include the use of designated fax machines, and the use of designated transmittal times. Physical records are stored in secure locked record storage rooms or the vault. Electronic results are stored on secure file servers.

Is there any other information concerning your company that might be beneficial to your clients?

HR ProFile is a dynamic organization that has evolved into one of the premier employment screening firms in the nation. While many of our competitors offer a larger selection of products, they lack the ability to cater to the specific needs a client might encounter. HR ProFile is a solutions-oriented firm, and one very good example is the partnership that has been forged over the past five years with one of our healthcare clients. The relationship started due to the very fact that, at a time when the client needed an advanced technological solution for its background checks, every company - except HR ProFile - said it could not be accomplished, or worse, they were unwilling to even try. HR ProFile created a solution customized to this client's specifications and environment, at no additional cost to the client. As a continuing component of our partnership with our healthcare clients, HR ProFile provides many other services surrounding state and federal agency rulings, assistance during facility audits, etc., at no additional charge. HR ProFile is confident of its ability to produce similar solutions for its other clients.

HR ProFile is a member of the Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce and the Better Business Bureau, and maintains a million dollar liability insurance policy in an unlikely event of a serious error by HR ProFile or its employees.