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April 22, 2014
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May 23, 2014

Applicant Tracking System (ATS) #1 Customer Support- Never Take a Number with HR ProFile

Does your Applicant Tracking System vendor tell you to “Take a Number?” when you call in for support? 

Your always #1 with the Galileo ATS solution.

Do you think that some applicant tracking system service providers offer little or no personalized service because of their large client base? Do you have to “take a number” or enter a troubleshooting “ticket” when you call in for customer service or request an enhancement? Do you have to wait hours for a return call from your applicant tracking system vendor to address a problem?

Some ATS vendors promise to call you back within so many hours. With the Galileo ATS, your support phone call or e-mail is handled immediately, and we will typically have an issue addressed in minutes, not hours or days. Our philosophy is to treat every client like they were our only client and they get 100% of our focus and attention when they call for assistance. We understand that a properly functioning ATS solution is mission-critical to your company’s hiring processes.

Our mission is to keep you happy, regardless of our anticipated profit margin. Some companies will bend over backwards for a client that brings in $50,000 or more in revenue each year and offer guaranteed service levels….and they should! However, they have flawed logic because they don’t take that approach with all of their clients. We understand that reputation is everything in the HR industry and we believe that all of our clients deserve our undivided attention when they call in for support, and it just makes good business sense. We believe this strategy will pay off because we anticipate that when our customers are pleased with our service, they will tell others about their good experience with the Galileo ATS.

You may be thinking that an ATS solution with this level of customer service would have to be very expensive and perhaps it should be, but the reality is that many households pay more for their monthly cable TV bill than what we typically charge for the Galileo ATS when it has been implemented at small and medium-sized companies.

Call us today at 800-969-4300 to learn more about the Galileo ATS and HR ProFile and let us show you what makes us different.

Todd Shafer

Galileo ATS Product Manager

HR ProFile, Inc.


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